Joe Rogan’s popularity with literally every age group is off the charts.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast, the “Joe Rogan Experience,” is consistently listed at the top of podcast ratings, and for a good reason. Rogan, who was not previously a Trump supporter, quickly became the enemy of the Left when he announced that he was cured of COVID after taking Ivermectin along with an infusion of monoclonal antibodies, a cocktail of vitamins recommended by thousands of doctors to help stave off the man-made virus.

The Left made a big mistake when they tried to cancel Joe Rogan. Instead of caving to the Left, he’s joined forces with some of the most red-pilled (former liberals or moderates who now openly espouse conservative views) personalities on social media, like Tim Pool, to blow the whistle on the lies our government has been telling us about vaccines and about the origins of the Wuhan Lab virus.

Watch Tim Pool and Joe Rogan go hard after Dr. Fauci Evil over the “gain of function” research that led us to the worldwide COVID pandemic:

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There are few people in America who more people trust when having honest discussions about current topics. And now that Joe Rogan, who was not previously a fan of President Trump’s, is saying that Trump was right about the DC Swamp and that the Deep State is accurate, the Left is really going to be trying to cancel him.

“Look, Trump is not a perfect guy,” Rogan says to his producer, who agreed with him. “But this f**king thing that he kept saying about the Deep State is real. It’s 100% real. The Swamp is real. They’re f**king real monsters!” he said, adding, “They were not trying to spend their time trying to make the country run more efficiently or trying to prop up the middle-class! No—they were trying to regain power—and they got it—with a dead man! (Joe Biden).


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