George Washington University’s Jonathan Turley just called out GoFundMe for their disturbing move to allow people to purchase legal testimony:

“It’s a strange evolution of the role of this site. GoFundMe has become a site where can you essentially purchase testimony that people go out there and they really ramp up their expected testimony.”

Turley appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss how Michael Cohen wasn’t able to raise money while he was still loyal to the president, but the moment he turned on Trump a “weird type of auction” began.

“What happens, people like Michael Cohen couldn’t get a dime from anyone on the street when he was still saying he would take a bullet for the president.”

Glenn Greenwald tweeted what everyone’s thinking about this scam: Not only did Cohen just close on a multi-million dollar apartment in NYC, he at at one of the chicest restaurants in all of Manhattan just hours before pleading guilty:

Turley continued: “Suddenly he started a promise that he could bag the president, and they rolled out a GoFundMe site, and he got hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so we have this weird type of auction among potential witnesses, both pro and anti-Trump, for people to essentially contribute to their testimony.”

“It’s a little unnerving for an attorney, because people could actually change their testimony to give them more of a market position. And for Michael Cohen, he’s tried to position himself as far as he can on the anti-Trump site and it has paid off. It has sold like hot cakes. People have gone to GoFundMe and said ‘I like that stuff,’ and they’ve given him a lot of money.”

It’s a con game that continues with the GoFundMe amount now set at $500K…

Just listen to Kim Strassel of the WSJ:

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