The U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry, is stepping down from his position to aid Joe Biden in his presidential campaign.

Kerry hasn’t officially come out to say he is stepping down, but multiple sources claim he is.

Joe Biden appointed John Kerry, so it is no surprise that the climate activist is desperately attempting to win Joe Biden the election to save his career.

Fox News shares more:

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is reportedly planning to leave the White House in the coming months to join President Biden’s presidential campaign.

The new was first reported by Axios on Saturday. Kerry, who ran for president in 2004, is the first person to serve as the U.S. special presidential envoy for climate, as the position was created when Biden was inaugurated in January 2021.


Kerry had endorsed Biden for president in 2019.

“I believe Joe Biden is the President our country desperately needs right now, not because I’ve known Joe so long, but because I know Joe so well,” Kerry said at the time.

John Kerry says Joe Biden is the President our country desperately needs right now” because he knows that Trump will dump him on his first day in office.

Axios shares more:

What’s happening: Kerry — former Secretary of State and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Democratic nominee for president in 2004 — plans to help tell the climate story in the context of Biden’s campaign.

  • Kerry is working with White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients on transitioning out of government in the coming months (before spring).

What we’re hearing: Kerry met with Biden in the Oval Office on Wednesday to catch up after last month’s historic COP28 climate summit in Dubai.

  • In the conversation, Kerry emphasized his gratitude for the assignment, his belief that Biden has amassed a trailblazing climate record at home and globally, and his excitement about the difference renewed U.S. leadership has made globally over the past three years, the source said.

The big picture: Kerry faced a formidable challenge since his appointment was announced in November 2020, alongside Biden’s core national security team.

  • He needed to reestablish U.S. credibility on climate change after the Trump administration backed out of the Paris Agreement.

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