Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon spoke with Lou Dobbs about the DOJ FISA Report coming out on Monday. He listed a few of the “serious civil liberties issues” that are expected to be in the report.

Dobbs first spoke about Adam Schiff’s effort to get Solomon’s phone records and open them up to the public. Solomon feels he was targeted by Adam Schiff:

 Solomon: Well, listen, he didn’t actually subpoena my phone records, I want to be clear about that. He subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani’s and Lev Parnas’ and then extracted my numbers as the only reporter. Now I know other reporters had conversations with those two men, but I’m the only one who ends up having his records released. And it makes me wonder whether it’s political payback, I know my friends feel that way. Because a few months ago I wrote a story exposing the fact that Mr. Schiff, chairman Schiff, had met with Glenn Simpson at the sidelines of the Aspen Institute, at a time when he shouldn’t have been having contact with Glenn Simpson. It feels like a political payback. But at the end of the day if he wanted to know what the calls were about he should have done some more investigating before he put them out.

DOBBS (HOST): But indeed he did divulge them, knowing full well they were your phone records, which, by the way, was within his power and I think responsibility not to release. It is an extraordinary abuse, both of his power and your First Amendment rights.

Solomon goes on to discuss the Watchdog Report coming out on Monday. He believes there will be “serious civil liberties issues” in the DOJ FISA Report and lists some of those issues.

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“The American people will pay attention to that FISA Report…I assure you.” – John Solomon


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