Laura Ingraham got the lowdown on the U.S. Attorney just assigned by Attorney General Barr to investigate the origins of the Trump/Russia investigation.

Ken Starr and John Yoo believe this is a sign that Barr believes something unlawful happened and wants to get to the bottom of it.

John Yoo weighed in saying that he believes Democrats should be “quite worried” about this move from Barr:

 “If I were the Democrats I would be quite worried. And the reason why is by appointing a US attorney Attorney General Barr is essentially signaling that he thinks it’s possible that criminal violations occurred in the start of the whole investigation into any kind of Trump-Russia collusion.”

“As Judge Starr said there is already an inspector general investigation that’s been going on that’s going to come to a conclusion. That’s what you’d do if you were just interested in reforming… But you wouldn’t go with a US attorney like Durham or someone of his stature unless the Attorney General thinks actually something criminal might have happened.” H/T Gateway Pundit

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Attorney General Barr just made a serious move to find out how the Trump/Russia probe began. This guy really means business and is proving it step by step.

According to the Washington Times, AG Barr just took on the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut, John H. Durham, to help find out if the Justice Dept. lawfully spied on the Trump campaign. Anyone who has been following this story knows the answer to that but the attorney general needs to go through the proper channels to follow the law.

President Trump has been right all along and has been asking for an investigation into spying on him for some time now. The big question isn’t if the Obama administration was involved in this but when and how they were involved.

Since there are many legs to this investigation, there are many different people coming out with their evidence.

IG Michael Horowitz has been looking into the wiretaps on Carter Page and John Huber is looking into the FISA warrant obtained by the FBI to spy on Carter Page.

Part of getting to the bottom of this important investigation is finding out exactly where it began. Since the media and the Democrats are fiercely protective of Obama, this could be a difficult task. He had to know about this and he had to make some of the decisions since this involves all of the intel agencies. In other words, he weaponized our intel agencies and enlisted the help of the foreign intel agencies.

President Trump tweeted:

This could get very interesting and could involve foreign espionage with the Five Eyes (United States, Canada, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia). The British intelligence agency is suspect in the spying and recently it has come to light that Australia is even involved.

This is a prime reason why Obama had to know what was going on. It’s been reported that Obama went around our intel agencies to have the foreign intel do the spying. In any case, we’ll soon see what’s behind the curtain.

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