Thanksgiving is a time with family and a time to thank our freedoms and those who protect those freedoms. Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones fought in two wars and sacrificed both legs for our freedoms. He is a great American. He had an eight year career in the Marines that was brought to an end after he was severely injured in 2010 where he lost both legs in Afghanistan. He’s now involved in advocacy for active duty and veteran wounded warriors.

Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones tweeted a message to the Thanksgiving lockdown control freaks and was attacked mercilessly. He responded with common sense answers and a confirmation that he’s not supporting “careless” behavior. He believes his fellow citizens will be “careful” and that “freedom comes with responsibility.”

Ironically, some of the lockdown control freaks are the same ones who were fine with the huge riots and protests this past summer.

He tweeted out telling the control freaks to “shove it” and then responded to the criticism by saying he has faith in his fellow citizens:

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If you take this as an endorsement of carefree and careless… then you aren’t allowed to weigh in. Freedom comes with responsibility… and choice. I have faith in my fellow citizens… you should too.

I didn’t fight two wars and lose two legs, to be told I can’t spend time with my family. As a matter of fact, I did it so YOU could choose how YOU spend your thanksgiving. Honor sacrifice and tell the commies to shove it.

Jones also tweeted out about how he cannot imagine not being able to see his loved ones before they left him:

I lost my maternal grandmother this day last year, and my dad died in my arms -at my home 9 days later. 5 weeks after he died, my paternal grandmother passed away. I can’t imagine how I would’ve dealt with not seeing them just days/weeks before they left me. Hug them.

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