NewsMax anchor Tom Basile interviewed ACLJ lawyer Jordan Sekulow to discuss 2020 election lawsuits.

Sekulow claims that a new lawsuit will be filed on Monday.

“Put-up or shut-up will be rolled out this week. “

Sekulow and other lawyers working on the election fraud case are all straight shooters. This is serious business and is not a case of anyone trying to drum up drama for the sake of fame.

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Georgia certified and then uncertified the vote yesterday. Very interesting and could be indicative of something more going down in Georgia.

After the vote was uncertified, Trump attorney Sidney Powell tweeted out in the middle of the night a warning for Governor Kemp and the Georgia SOS: “Georgia is squarely in our crosshairs for massive election fraud & corruption. Take note Gov. Kemp and GA Sec of State.”

Now, President Trump has tweeted out that it’s about to go down in Georgia:

“Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!”

Powell’s late-night tweet:

No, we will NOT be intimidated!

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