Sixth-grader Joshua Trump has a story to tell about how he’s bullied for having the same last name as President Trump. He’s been invited to the State of the Union tonight to share his story and to be a guest of the president.

It’s heartbreaking to know that kids and adults would be so cruel to a young child who just happens to have the same last name as the president. Here’s his story according to the White House website:

Joshua Trump is a 6th-grade student in Wilmington, Delaware. He appreciates science, art, and history. He also loves animals and hopes to pursue a related career in the future. His hero and best friend is his Uncle Cody, who serves in the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, Joshua has been bullied in school due to his last name. He is thankful to the First Lady and the Trump family for their support.

Will Sommer gives more information on what happened to Joshua Trump:

The Joshua Trump bullying backstory is wild. The school supposedly changed his name in databases so no teachers would call him “Trump,” and put him on a different bus where kids wouldn’t know his last name.

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The rest of the Joshua Trump story is that the surname-related bullying got so bad that his parents home-schooled him for a year. Then they put him in a new school — and the new kids started bullying for his last name, too!

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The social media comments are brutal and are coming from adults. The left is cruel and ruthless. Just like the Covington kids were bullied by the left, so is Joshua being bullied by adults on the left.

You can thank the media for this. They’ve demonized President Trump from the beginning.

“They have a moral obligation to bully that child.”

So now let’s parade him to the world and let billions know he has the same name as the most hated president in America’s history.

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