An independent journalist named Laura Loomer traveled to Minnesota to ask Democratic Congressman, and candidate for Attorney General, Keith Ellison the hard questions about beating his ex-girlfriend. She was left in the dust as Ellison did not appear to answer and walked away quietly without discussing the difficult questions surrounded the allegations that he beat his former girlfriend, a woman named Karen Monahan’s son went public on Facebook with accusations that Ellison abused his mother.

Ellison was likely rocked by the scandal but has since denied the behaviors that Karen Monahan’s son described. Karen has supported her son’s claims, stating they are truthful, but neither of them has released the video. That is one video that could put the truth stake deep inside any doubts.

Laura Loomer states that she confronted Ellison to ask him the hard questions about the accusations, but it appears that she was met with silence as he walked away and ignored her questions. She states that a full video of her confrontation with Ellison will be released shortly, but offered a preview.

“SNEAK PEAK: I traveled to #Minnesota where I confronted Deputy Chair of the @DNC @keithellison yesterday!

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Nobody wanted to ask him about those pesky domestic violence accusations & police report, so I did.

Full video coming soon! #Loomered

@realDonaldTrump @scampbellvideos”

She talked about the same thing in a previous tweet, showing pictures of her up close with Ellison and it appears that he does not seem interested in talking to her. His lawyer might have told him to answer to no one, if he has a lawyer. That’s typical advice from an attorney, especially when an ex-lover has claimed that the person has been abusive in one way or another.

“I just confronted @keithellison about the numerous domestic violence allegations against him. He’s running to be MN Attorney General.

I brought the police report with me & asked him about it. He ran away from me & ended his event before it began!

Video coming soon! #Loomered”

If you weren’t aware yet, Keith Ellison’s story broke not that long ago and the scandal has put a damper on the Democrat’s hopes for leaving Congress to become the attorney general for the state of Minnesota.

As per Politico:

Ellison, a six-term congressman and deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, won Minnesota’s Democratic primary for state attorney general days after a former girlfriend accused him of abusing her — an accusation Ellison denied.

Before the election, Austin Monahan, the son of Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, posted on social media that he had found a video on his mother’s computer that he said showed Ellison “dragging my mama off the bed by her feet,” screaming profanities at her. Monahan has since said her son’s account is accurate but that she would not release the alleged footage.

Ellison said in a statement that “the video does not exist because I never behaved in this way,” and he told reporters, “I did not do this thing she’s accusing me of.”

There are several important things to take from all of this. 1) She needs to show the video to back up her claims and take legal action if he really laid hands on her. 2) Why won’t Ellison speak to an independent reporter about the situation? What does he have to hide? Why won’t he answer her questions (if that’s what the video shows him ignoring), and 3) What does it say about Democrat voters who openly vote for a man who is accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend? Has the Democrat party sunk so low on the moral totem pole that they don’t care if their candidate is an alleged womanizing abuser? How can anyone vote for a man who allegedly laid his hands on a woman like that?

Of course, Karen Monahan must release the videos to prove that her claims are true. We need to see this so that the situation is handled fairly. If it turns out that she lied, then Ellison is fully cleared of all accusations and she loses all credibility whatsoever. If the videos exist, then she needs to release them as soon as possible so that the truth is out there. To be fair, we cannot hold him responsible for the crime if the videos are not seen. She has no reason not to release these videos.

We can surely demand justice for her, but we must be 100% certain that Ellison has really committed the crime. We cannot burn the witch at the stake without the proof to verify the criminal activity.

Sadly, that means if there’s no tape, then there’s possibly no proof.

Accusations are meaningless without evidence of a crime.

As much as we want to burn Ellison in his election, we must also remain diligent and correct. We must pressure Monahan to release the tapes that prove what Ellison is accused of. Only then we will have the truth and that’s when people can rightfully go after him.

Until then, we can keep asking Ellison about it and see what information he gives.

Either way, I’m very skeptical of Democrat voters who side with someone who is very close to being listed as a man who abuses women.

Come on Karen, put out the tapes if you want justice!! We want to make sure that we call Ellison out and he’s really guilty, otherwise, we all look very silly and Karen looks like a liar.

Someone is hiding something here.

We need to get to the bottom of this and expose the truth one way or the other.


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