Joy Behar is a liar and she’s allowed to go on TV and say things that are outrageous with no pushback from anyone. She gets ZERO pushback from her co-hosts on ‘The View’ after she says President Trump is “killing people of color.” Is it any wonder that there is so much Trump Derangement Syndrome out there with uninformed Americans?

People like Joy Behar are on TV spewing lies day after day to people sitting at home buying into the anti-Trump rhetoric. This is outrageous.

Her latest lie is directed at the “black community” at about the 1:35 point:

“If there’s one thing the black community knows — and believes in — it’s winning and beating Trump. So, they’re looking at the prize. They’re saying, ‘Listen, this guy has to get Trump out. Somebody’s got to get him out…he’s killing  people of color, he’s killing immigrants, he’s killing the environment, he’s killing the rule of law.'”

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Joy Behar thinks everyone should get out of the race and let Joe Biden take over…Has she seen Biden lately on the campaign trail? He’s gaffing all over the place!

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