After President Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the attacks began, but the people who know her are 100% on Judge Barrett’s side. Judge Barrett has gotten rave reviews from all of the colleagues on both sides of the aisle. They know she’s well qualified and will do a great job as a Supreme Court Justice.

Her character is as impeccable as her judicial record, but the left doesn’t care. They plan to smear her no matter what.

Pray for her family.

Megan Edwards, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s sister, appeared on Fox News to describe her sister:

“if people knew Amy and knew the sister that I know, they would just see love.”

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The left came out immediately to try to damage this wonderful woman:

Fox News reports that in a White House ceremony tomorrow, President Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS. As soon as the news broke, the left began attacking her as Amy “Coat Hanger” Barrett and the terrifying “Aunt Lydia” from The Handmaid’s Tale. The terms are being used all over social media and are trending on Twitter.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with “Aunt Lydia”:

“Few figures in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale are as purely terrifying as Aunt Lydia, the imperious instructor who indoctrinates handmaids into Gilead’s new world order. She is a figure immune to cajoling or deceit; she is ruthless.”

The brutal insults will only worsen as the left becomes even more outraged at the fact that this is a slam dunk decision, and this is the third Justice President Trump has been able to choose for the Supreme Court.

It’s interesting to note that leftist women predicably defend other women only if they follow their beliefs.

Leftist women are outraged and striking out with completely “bigoted attacks” as Sarah Huckabee Sanders labels them:

Amy Coney Barrett is one brave woman.

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