19 year old native British man, Michael Sanford, pled guilty on Sept 14th to one count of being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and one count of disrupting an official function, both of which are felonies.

When Sandford was first arrested he was initially charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds after he attempted to grab a police officers gun with the intent to kill Trump at a Las Vegas rally, but he was later indicted on the firearm and disruption charges.

Sandford’s father, Paul Davey, said that his son had met a woman and moved to the United States to be with her. Court papers show his tourist visa expired in August 2015, making him an illegal alien.

Sandford could have faced 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each offense, according to the plea agreement. He acknowledged in the document that “it is almost certain” that he will be deported from the United States with “no possibility of returning.”

The plea agreement in Nevada federal court recounts the bizarre details leading up to Sanford’s crimes, but differs from the initial criminal complaint in that it stops short of stating that Sandford wanted to shoot Trump. Instead, Sanford, who had overstayed a tourist visa by nearly a year, confessed to seizing the officer’s gun and interfering with Trump’s speech. Prosecutors have recommended a sentence of 18 months to two years. Although court papers do show he confesses to special agents that he wanted to kill Trump, his plea leaves out talk of a plot to assassinate him.

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Court Documents:

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CBS video of the arrest…

Check out Trumps response to the attempted assassination at minute mark 3:23…


It is amazing what you can get away with in this country lately. A slap on the wrist basically is what Michael Sandford with be getting for the attempted murder of a Presidential Candidate. It’s sickening.

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