Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement focused on the one big problem she says President Trump needs to fix..THE LEAKERS!

Pirro called on Trump to make every effort to find the leaker in the White House:



The latest report on the White House leakers raises many questions. The main question to ask is why there are ANY “Obama holdovers” left working at the White House.  Trump should fire them all because it’s turning out that they just want to sabotage his presidency!

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BREITBART NEWS IS REPORTING that at least two separate news organizations have credible information that three distinct leakers have been identified at the White House and that President Donald Trump is expected to fire them when he returns from his first overseas trip.

“CBS News has confirmed from two sources that three leakers of classified information at the White House have been identified and are expected to be fired,” CBS News reported this week, adding, “Officials within the Trump White House believe leaks of Mr. Trump’s conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are a ‘deliberate attempt’ by officials who are holdovers from President Obama’s administration and are trying to damage the Trump presidency.”

In addition, this week, chief One America News Network (OANN) White House correspondent Trey Yingst also reported that three White House leakers have been identified and referred to the proper authorities.

Yingst wrote on Twitter that the three leakers have been carelessly leaking classified information to hurt President Trump politically and that Trump is expected to fire “multiple people” connected with the network of leakers upon his return to the White House.

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