Judge Jeanine Pirro has an idea of who is really running the White House, and it isn’t Joe Biden…

Jeanine points out that from the beginning, Biden was unfit to run for president. His handlers hid him using COVID as an excuse. Then big tech helped out by suppressing information on Hunter’s laptop.

She asks who is running things and then makes point after point to confirm it’s Obama’s 3rd term. Biden’s cabinet is made up of former Obama cronies, and Biden’s policies perfectly reflect what Obama’s agenda was while he was in the White House. Open borders, the war on police, war on energy, the global warming scam, class warfare, and so many other policies were Obama’s and now just happen to be Biden’s policies.

Susan Rice, John Kerry, Jake Sullivan and so many other rechurns from the Obama regime are hell-bent on carrying out the far-left transformation of America.

Interestingly enough, news reports today are pointing out that Obama is planning on making more appearances to help out Biden’s sinking poll numbers. Obama just can’t help himself. He’s got to be in the spotlight.


Obama spoke repeatedly of a third term and bragged he would win if he ran. He has earned the nickname “Narcissist in Chief”… it’s interesting that a current Biden official is in the video below. Jake Sullivan is a key National Security Advisor in the Biden administration.


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