Yesterday, Barack Obama stood in front of a friendly crowd of progressives at the University of Illinois, his hometown of Chicago and bashed our current President, calling him “divisive” and telling the crowd that “white nationalism” is on the rise. There’s a rise of “white nationalism”? Where is Obama’s evidence of such a heinous claim?

Today the outspoken Judge Jeanine gave the former President a piece of her mind, reminding him who really divided the nation and who’s responsible for so much of the hate we are witnessing in America today. Most importantly, Judge Jeanine reminds Barack Obama why we elected President Donald J. Trump.


Yesterday, we reminded everyone who Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, really is, and why he’s attacking President Trump while hilariously attempting to take credit for his historical economical successes.

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Barry…Barry…Barry… While you were busy trashing the man who is arguably the most important President of our time, President Trump was likely making a deal that would create more jobs and further reduce his historically low black unemployment numbers. You know, the black community that you only pretended to represent, but instead used to fuel your race war, as a way to divide our country, believing it would benefit Hillary in the 2016 election.

You couldn’t have been more wrong…

When your divisive wife embarrassingly told the crowd of Democrats at the 2016 DNC convention that when Republicans go low, your Party goes high, nobody, not even the Democrats at the convention, could have imagined the depths to which you, your friends in the mainstream media, and your dying Party would actually sink. No one could have imagined the hateful, violent attacks on Trump supporters or the unimaginable attacks on his family and members of his administration that would follow Hillary’s stunning loss in the 2016 election. Nobody could have guessed that so many adults were capable of such shameless bullying of one man and of his family. But most of all, nobody on your side could have imagined a world where the Left could lose, and that is the real reason you are coming out of hiding, after promising to stay quiet after leaving the White House.

You’re coming out of hiding now because the smell of fear is so pungent that you could no longer stay holed up in your DC bunker with your dark, former advisor, Valerie Jarrett. You needed to get out and reinvigorate your angry minions. You needed to get out and remind Americans that your race war isn’t over yet, and let them know, that despite the fact that the Democrat Party has been humiliated by the historic economic successes of President Trump, that you’re still here, and together, with your crooked former Attorney General Eric Holder and your crooked former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, you will do everything in your power to fight our President and his promise to “Make America Great Again”.

Your presence in Chicago today reminds your base that you’re still willing to use racial hatred and division as a way to agitate and scare minority voters into going the polls in 2018.

Your presence reminds your base that you’re still fighting behind the scenes to force your radical agenda on America, as you work with dirty politicians like former Governor Terry McAullife to give felons the right to vote, and with your fellow Democrats to bring massive groups of illegal immigrants to our voting booths.

Most importantly, your presence today reminds Americans of why we all voted for President Trump in the first place.

Well played Barry…well played.


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