Judge Jeanine let it rip in her Opening Statement tonight: “You don’t support women…you destroy them! Whether it’s all the women who accused your husband of serial marital infidelities, sexual harassment or, yes, rape. Instead of protecting that 12-year-old, protecting a college intern, protecting a woman who claimed to be raped, your job — ruin them, destroy any woman who gets in the way of your ambition. None of it the predator’s fault. The war room created to assault the right-wing, the crazy women desperate for attention, who wanted publicity like Gennifer Flowers who you said you’d like to crucify. You called her trailer trash. And Monica Lewinsky, you called her a narcissistic loony tune until we found your husband’s semen on her dress. And Juanita Broaddrick who says you threatened her. And I don’t know what you said about Paula Jones but you and your husband had to pay her $850,000 for your husband’s sexual misdeeds. And you call them all bimbos.”

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