Americans should be asking why the feds don’t want to release ALL of the footage from January 6th. If this had truly been an “insurrection,” why wouldn’t they want everyone to see what happened? Just as the feds claim something is “classified material” when they don’t want the truth to come out, they also use this same tactic with the videos from January 6th. Is it because THEY want to shape the narrative and don’t want the truth to come out.

A judge has ruled against the government’s claim that releasing videos from the January 6th Trump rally would be a national security risk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all of the videos from the day that has been labeled an “insurrection” by the Democrats and media. Democrats have used this event to portray Trump supporters as “extremists” and President Trump as an instigator of a nefarious event at the Capitol. The hypocrisy of the summer Americans had just endured with murder, violence, and destruction by BLM and Antifa isn’t lost on anyone who has been paying attention. The only murder that happened on January 6th was committed by a Capitol Police officer who shot an unarmed woman. This was no insurrection. Count on Pelosi and Democrats to use this false narrative as the midterms get closer.

  Buzzfeed News reports:

US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell ordered the videos released in response to a request from a media coalition (including BuzzFeed News) that is petitioning judges on a rolling basis for videos that prosecutors have relied on in Jan. 6 cases. Howell’s decision isn’t binding on other judges in the US District Court for the District of Columbia presiding over Capitol riot prosecutions. Still, it gives the media coalition a favorable ruling to point to in future fights.

Americans need to push back against this lie.


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