Chris Farrell is the Judicial Watch Director of Investigations who let it rip last night on the direction America is going in. Lou Dobbs got an earful from Farrell who discussed the “paralyzed” Justice Department:

FARRELL LET IT RIP: It’s really a giant socialist organ operating that protests itself. Offense after offense and you find laws are for the little people. The Clinton gang walks away. People say, Hey where’s the Department of Justice investigation? Where’s the FBI? Half the time they’re complicit.

FARRELL CONTINUED: The people with direct firsthand knowledge, they’re the ones who kept their mouths shut for years. This is evidence that we are becoming a failed state. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that. When the entire Justice Department is paralyzed. When the entire Justice Department is compromised when there is no investigations. There’s these make-believe congressional hearings that are nothing more than soundbites.

He’s spot on about everything! Is anyone else out there sick to death of the congressional hearings that just give the Democrats a chance to create soundbites for the news? They get nothing accomplished at these hearings that really have become useless. Why not interview people without all the cameras? Having the cameras there just makes it a sideshow with drama queens like Al Franken.

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Farrell’s assessment of the Justice Department and other agencies like the FBI couldn’t be more spot on. They are compromised therefore paralyzed into inaction.

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