Yesterday, President Trump reminded Americans of how many votes are STOLEN from American citizens by illegal aliens voting in our elections.

He tweeted:

58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, with 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. All over the country, especially in California, voter fraud is rampant. Must be stopped. Strong voter ID!

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted an even more stunning number of illegal aliens who he believes actually voted in our most recent midterm term elections. Fitton tweeted:

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. is right. I estimate about 900,000 aliens illegally voted in the midterms.

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Immediately following the 2016 presidential election, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warned Americans about the danger of allowing illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

In his November 2016, speech to a crowd at a Remembrance Project event, an advocacy group raising awareness about deaths of American citizens at the hands of illegal aliens, Fitton claimed that illegal aliens are voting in enough numbers to “change the outcome of elections.” Fitton talked about the work his group is doing to end the lawless sanctuary cities across America, warning that a wall won’t work if every state has a “Welcome Wall” saying, “You will find sanctuary here,” it won’t matter.

Fitton told the crowd that President Trump is right to be outraged about illegal aliens living in America. The Judicial Watch president claimed that he estimates between 43-44 million non-citizens reside in the United States. Fitton then suggested that about 10,12 or even 20 million of those are illegal aliens.  Fitton asked how many of those non-citizens vote? Fitton said that while President Trump would say between 5- 6 million vote, the Left claims none of them vote and that his guess, is it’s somewhere in between.

Fitton told the crowd, “Aliens vote and register in large numbers, and in large enough numbers to change the outcome of elections. Now, by my estimation, we had about one and a half million illegal alien votes in the last election, 1.4 million by my guess,” Fitton told the crowd.

Fitton said “about 80% vote for Democrats, 20% for Republicans,” saying that about “1.1 million by that calculation voted for Hillary Clinton.” Fitton then warned about the crisis we are facing with illegal aliens voting in our elections.

“It’s one thing to lose your country because you have no borders, it’s another thing to lose your country because you have no vote,” said Fitton. He warned that policy discussions are a waste of time and “academic if your vote doesn’t count—if elections are stolen through illegal votes.”


Fitton says the only way to fix the voting crisis is to make voters prove they’re U.S. citizens before they’re allowed to vote in the United States, saying it’s up to our law enforcement and our election officials “to make sure every vote is a legal vote.”


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