Barack Obama’s 60th-birthday bash was touted to be safe, as its attendees were said to be highly “sophisticated” and doubly “vaccinated”. Today we find out that it was, in reality, another run-of-the-mill super spreader event. Nothing special, just your regular vaccine-shedding affair not unlike those happening among society’s less refined citizens.

A graph showing a spike in new covid cases in Dukes County, MA conspicuously corresponds with the timing of Obama’s birthday blow-out on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Boston Herald reports: Massachusetts health officials on Monday reported a spike of 2,587 coronavirus cases from over the weekend, as COVID hospitalizations also kept rising across the state.

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The jump of more than 2,500 new virus cases during the past three days continues the trend of climbing infection counts amid the more highly contagious delta variant.

The seven-day average of daily cases is now 780 infections, which is more than 12 times the record-low average of 64 daily cases in late June.

The test positivity rate has now increased to 2.72%, a spike from 0.31% in late June.

Bay State hospitalizations jumped by 43 patients over the weekend, bringing the total of COVID patients to 314 patients. That is nearly four times the record-low total of 80 COVID patients on July 4.

The seven-day average of hospitalizations is now 263 patients, up from the average of 85 patients in mid-July.

The state also reported three COVID deaths over the weekend, bringing the state’s total recorded death toll to 18,098.

The seven-day average of daily deaths is now 1.6, slightly up from the record-low daily death average of 1.1 in mid-July.

Nearly 4.4 million people in Massachusetts have been fully vaccinated.


Just as facts don’t care about your feelings, Covid doesn’t give a rip about your level of sophistication or your vaccination status either.

Il Donaldo mocks the fake news media for refusing to take the Obamas to task for foregoing their super-spreader event.

If the fake news media actually did their job…

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