BREAKING: Taxi ploughs into several #WorldCup fans in central Moscow, then flees the scene. Eight people were injured. Police say it was an accident. You be the judge…The bystanders ran after the guy who they said din’t appear to be intoxicated.

An accident? The people watching knew exactly what it was and ran after the guy! Eight people were injured when the taxi jumped up on the sidewalk and didn’t stop.

This still photo shows just how out of his way the guy went to make it to the sidewalk:

Security has now been ratcheted up at the World Cup. If this was just an “accident”, why would they need to increase security?

Fox News reports:

Preliminary information indicated that the driver, who had a Kyrgyzstani driving license, lost control of the vehicle. Russia’s Interfax news agency cited a source claiming that the driver was drunk at the time of the incident though a witness said he didn’t appear drunk.

The accident took place on Ilinka Street, approximately 650 feet from Moscow’s famous Red Square and GUM shopping arcade.

The fans were reportedly from Mexico, who are in the city ahead of their opening match with Germany on Sunday, which is taking place in the Luzhniki stadium. There are no fatalities but at least one woman has serious injuries though she is not believed to be in critical condition, according to Interfax. Mexico’s embassy in Moscow said two of its citizens were among those injured.

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