When you thought Colin Kaepernick was dust in the wind, he comes roaring back thanks to Nike and them making him the face of their 30th-anniversary campaign, something that could cost them dearly in sales. As Americans all over the country voiced their dislike for Kaepernick, even boycotting the NFL entirely thanks to other players taking a knee during the national anthem, and the Nike brand still made him one of their faces for their anniversary celebrations. Nike could have picked any athlete who stood for good things and came without controversy, playing it safe and ensuring that their brand held up to the high standards that their high-quality products have.

No such luck. Nike wanted to take a chance and some people finding out are just not happy with it. We don’t know what Nike’s sales numbers look like, but we should keep an eye on it after they embrace the football player who no longer plays, but is responsible for the anti-American national anthem protests sparking the controversy throughout the NFL for the last two years.

ESPN reported:

The new ad, which Kaepernick shared on social media Monday afternoon, features the message: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Nike signed Kaepernick in 2011 and kept him on its endorsement roster over the years. The company had not used him in the past two years.

“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” Gino Fisanotti, Nike’s vice president of brand for North America, told ESPN.

Colin might actually be one of the most divisive athletes of this generation as his actions of protesting during the national anthem were not warmly welcomed and sent a lot of NFL fans packing. Americans love football and they love their country, but when someone who plays football disses their country, then it’s often game-over for the fan.

InspirThere are? I think not. Divisive and protesting during work and abusing his overpaid platform that rips money from the blue-collar wallet, I think so.

There’s a few other athletes on the “Just Do It” campaign are people like Odell Beckham Jr., leBron James, Lacey Baker, Shaquem Griffin, and Serena Williams.

This could go very badly for Nike as people on social media have already expressed their disinterest in the brand after they’ve promoted Kaepernick to become their poster child. Nike stock is something to keep an eye on for the next few days. I’m not sure what will happen and won’t make any predictions other than saying the extremely obvious – people will either be all the way in, not care at all, or all the way out.

I thought Nike supported winners, not people who protest when they’re at work and divide the country because of their own personal beliefs, disrupting the audience who pays a lot of money to be entertained.

Sports is entertainment, not an athletes personal protest platform.

Any athlete protesting on the field should be penalized for protesting during work. Fans pay to see the show and the show is the game. Fans don’t pay to watch a liberal whine on the field.

Speaking of Colin Kaepernick and all the guys protesting in the NFL – did anyone see them protesting over summer or in Chicago?

Me either.

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