Meet Madonna Chism Pinkard, previously WFMJ TV’s community relations manager.




Tossed to the curb!

Grok reports she had worked there for 20 years, quite a long and celebrated career:

What was her grave sin?

What could cause the company to fire her after 20 years?

Daring to post something not approved by the LGBTQ mafia, of course!  In June, no less!  Duh!

Actually, she didn’t even post anything negative about the gays, she simply celebrated Straight Pride.

That’s a big no-no.

Here was the offending post:

First the LGBTQP+ army simply wanted tolerance….

Just tolerate us please!

Then it moved to acceptance…you have to ACCEPT us!

Then it moved to promotion….you have to actively promote us!

Then it moved to INTOLERANCE for anything other than their sycophantic, cult religion.

Wow, that moved fast!

If you can celebrate Gay Pride why can’t we celebrate Straight Pride?

The double-standard is so laughable!

Leave it to the comedians to decimate this nonsense:

Norm Macdonald On Pride

But back to Ms. Pinkard....

Fired and tossed to the curb after a 20 year career all for one social media post.

Here is the vomit-inducing, virtue-signaling post the station posted after her firing:

Oh give it a rest!

No one wants this crap except the virtue-signaling, self-hating, white straight people who keep pushing it!

Breitbart reports that many people took to social media to defend Pinkard, with even many gays saying they thought it was funny!

Several people took to the comments to defend Pinkard and her post.

“I’m gay and I’m still just trying to figure out why the LGBT community is letting things like this offend them,” one user wrote. “I thought it was funny. She’s getting the reactions she wants. This post is a great example. Literally who cares lol.”

Another person wrote, “It’s called freedom of speech. You’re allowed to practice your first amendment rights no matter what side you’re on. Get over it.”

“I’m gay and find that hilarious,” one user called Joey Ritter commented.

Pinkard has reportedly “removed” the post and apologized for offending the “viewers” of the news station, according to the outlet.

“I apologize for the post that offered [sic] one of our viewers,” Pinkard said in her statement. “I have removed it.”

Here is a video clip of Pinkard from before the firing:

She sure looks like she checks every other single box for social justice virtue signaling, doesn't she?

✅ Woman

✅ Black

✅ Overweight


Unfortunately for her, that last one trumps all the others.

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