Liberals are blaming President Trump for the death of 5 illegal aliens on the Texas-Mexico border, following a high-speed chase by US Border Patrol Agents. Never mind that the van filled with illegal aliens was driving 100 mph just before crashing, or that the driver, a US citizen was a recognized human smuggler, or that the illegal aliens in the SUV were here ILLEGALLY…

At least 12 people were ejected from a Chevy Suburban SUV carrying illegal immigrants after it crashed following a high-speed chase with U.S. Border Patrol vehicles near the Texas-Mexico border, a sheriff said Sunday, adding that five illegal immigrants were confirmed dead.

Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd said four people died at the scene off Highway 85 in Big Wells, Texas, at about noon, and one other person died at the hospital. A sixth person was said to be in “very” critical condition.

Footage of the crash showed four bodies on the ground, the charred Chevrolet and several Border Patrol vehicles at the scene. In all, 14 people were inside the SUV, including the driver and passenger, according to the sheriff. The driver, believed to be a United States citizen, was rushed to a hospital; the passenger, also believed to be a U.S. citizen, currently is in custody.

The chase had reached speeds topping 100 mph, the sheriff added.

Boyd said the driver was known to police, and had been seen in the area “last week,” either scouting the area or looking for immigrants to smuggle. –Fox News

Sheriff Boyd told CNN that today’s crash is a perfect example of why we need a border wall.

The crash occurred 45 to 50 miles from the Mexico border, Boyd said.

“We’ve seen this many, many times, in not only this county but other counties along the border,” Boyd said. “It’s a problem. … This is, I think, a perfect example of why our borders need to be secure.

Boyd said there were 14 people in the vehicle. Authorities believe the driver and one passenger are US citizens.

Local law enforcement were familiar with the driver, who was in the area last week to either pick up undocumented immigrants or the scout, the sheriff said.

The other 12 passengers were undocumented immigrants, Boyd said.

Boyd said the victims were taken to local hospitals. Six patients were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in San Antonio, Lt. Edwin Roberts said. He would not confirm if any of the patients had died.

The sheriff said he didn’t know where the immigrants were from but said most migrants who travel through the area are from Central America or Mexico.He said his deputies are often involved in chases pursuing people suspected of smuggling undocumented immigrants and drugs

“I think we need a wall, in my opinion,” he said, voicing support for President Donald Trump’s proposal to construct a wall.

Boyd added: “If it can be built, I think it needs to be built. But along with that, there needs to be cameras. There needs to be sensors.”

Liberals were quick to take to social media and blame President Trump for the deaths of the illegal aliens on the Texas border today.

This Twitter user claims “This is @realDonaldTrump’s version of “winning”.

Robert Tester claims Republicans have “blood on their hands”. Where was his outrage when illegals died at the border during Obama’s presidency?

They probably forgot about the 14 illegal immigrants who were killed in July 2012 or the 9 illegal immigrants who were in a vehicle driven by human smugglers that were killed after attempting to run from US Border Agents.

On July 23, 2012, the New York Times reported about fourteen illegal immigrants who were killed in a fatal crash in a rural South Texas town after the pickup truck they were riding in veered off a highway and struck two trees, the authorities said. A total of 23 people, from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico and all in the country illegally, had been crammed into the cab and the bed of the pickup truck when the driver lost control around 6:30 p.m. Sunday. The truck, a white 2000 Ford F-250 Super-Duty extended cab pickup, slammed into the trees on the side of the road off northbound U.S. Highway 59, about 10 miles southwest of Goliad, officials said. Eleven men, one woman and two young girls died. Nine others who were injured remain in local hospitals, state and federal authorities said. It was unclear why the driver veered off the road, but a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the state’s top law enforcement agency, said a crash reconstruction team was investigating whether tire failure might have been a cause. The crash was one of the deadliest single-vehicle accidents in South Texas, where a series of crashes involving vehicles filled with illegal immigrants have claimed numerous lives in recent months and years.

In April of 2012, a minivan crashed and rolled over near McAllen, killing nine people inside. The vehicle had been filled with 16 illegal immigrants, all of whom had been picked up from a so-called stash house and were being transported to their next destination when Border Patrol agents pulled it over. The smugglers of illegal immigrants often use the highways and roads to travel from the border to Houston, Dallas and other cities north, or to head from the border to a South Texas stash house — an apartment or rental home where they wait for the next leg of their journey.

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