Authorities began moving the 7,000 migrants from the Tijuana sports field that was turned into a camp due to the squalid conditions after rain deluged the area.

A reporter for German TV has an interesting take on what’s happening because he talks about how the organizers aren’t happy with the move. Our media doesn’t include this information in their reports.

Listen as the reporter discusses how this is not a good thing for those who want to be close to the border to create protests and rush the border again. The caravan members will now be 45 minutes away from the border preventing the chaos that organizers created a few days ago when they rushed the border.

DW reports: Authorities in the Mexican border city of Tijuana have begun removing Central American migrants from an overcrowded shelter. Busses are taking them to another location, which is further away from the Mecixan-US border. Recently around 7000 migrants had been staying in the old shelter in a Tijuana sports complex while waiting to reach the US to apply for asylum. Over the last days, the conditions in the facility worsened due to its overcrowding and bad weather.

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A previous report from FOX News discuses the crisis and how organizers mislead the people:

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