LAURA LOOMER REPORTS on breaking news in Palm Beach County where Susan Bucher (see more below)is under the gun:

BREAKING: A judge in Palm Beach County just ruled Susan Bucher, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections has 1 HOUR to complete the recount of ballots in Palm Beach. That 1 hour starts now. Tick tock.

Judge Marx has a problem with how Bucher duplicated provincial ballots and then mixed them in with the other ballots. She wants Bucher to pull all of those ballots.

The judge wasn’t happy with Bucher’s lack of compliance:

Judge Krista Marx said it appears Bucher has done “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” since Friday to comply.

It’s interesting that there’s a “shred-a-thon” going on today in Broward County:

Our previous report on Susan Bucher:

MSNBC  reported on the comments from the supervisor of elections in Palm Beach County in a tweet that really stands out as a racist comment. Susan Bucher claimed that racism is playing a part in the effort to “disrupt our democracy”. She refused to explain exactly what and who she was talking about but said, ” I’m not gonna clarify the demographics of our county. They don’t like ’em, and you know why.”

That’s pretty racist to assume the people looking into the voting are doing so because they don’t like the demographics. They are just trying to follow the laws that are there for everyone in America. In fact, the law she’s supposed to abide by for ALL voters no matter their race is not being followed:

Title IX, Chapter 102 of the 2018 Florida Statutes stipulate that all early voting and all vote-by-mail results be reported to the “Department of State within 30 minutes after the polls close.”

JUST IN: Facing criticism from Pres. Trump, Sen. Rubio, Gov. Scott and other Republicans, Palm Beach Co. supervisor of elections says it’s “unfortunate” that they “are trying to disrupt our democracy because they don’t like the demographics of our voters.”

Bucher served in the Florida House of Representatives and obviously doesn’t like what’s going on with the scrutiny over the job she’s doing.

She’s being sued by the media for not letting them videotape what she’s doing:

The controversy surrounds “found ballots” that are now being counted several days after the election. It’s interesting that the same thing happened in 2010 – the video below is of Bucher playing the same game with a delayed vote count:


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