The Democrats want to downplay this INVASION! This is exactly what the Dems want! We now have 5,200 Soldiers helping at the border. Thank you, President Trump!

This video is so alarming that it almost doesn’t look real. We investigated further and found Getty photos from this scene via USA Today. There are 216 photos of the caravan that are pretty shocking. It’s mostly young men and they are riding on big trucks or hitching rides however they can. There is more than one caravan moving towards us. One has reached Mexico City.


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USA Today reports:

The welcome in Mexico’s capital city has been a warm one, as the local government has turned a sports complex into a shelter to accommodate more than 5,000 weary migrants. About 2,000 migrants arrived over the weekend, with the rest expected to begin arriving on Monday. About 1,000 migrants who spent Sunday night in the coffee-producing city of Córdoba voted overwhelmingly in an assembly to speed up their pace in hopes of reaching Mexico City, about 190 miles away, by nightfall.

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A President’s First Responsibility:

Tough love from President Trump to a reporter…

How about the fact that we’re offended that the media is covering for the Democrats. We have thousands of people coming towards our border and the Democrats are acting like it’s nothing.

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