Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff was just asked to step down this morning from the House Intelligence Committee by Texas Rep. Mike Conway (video below).

In the video below, Schiff gives an angry response to the Republicans. He repeats all of the things he considers to be collusion. The problem is that the Mueller Report came out days ago and the decision was that there was no collusion.

Schiff is still trying to redefine the meaning of collusion to fit his narrative. He also just embarrassed himself in front of millions who look at his rant as delusional.

Watch Devin Nunes during the video as he just lets Schiff ramble on:

: “You might say that’s all okay. You might say that’s just what you need to do to win, but I don’t think it’s okay. I think it’s immoral. I think it’s unethical. I think it’s unpatriotic. And yes, I think it’s corrupt and evidence of collusion.”

Rep. Mike Conaway to Chair Rep Adam Schiff: “We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your Constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee.”

Mark Meadows tweeted out the statement from Republicans on the committee:

Wow! The Schiff hit the fan!


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