The Federalist Society’s black-tie dinner in D.C. was the scene of women dressed in red swarming the outside of the event where guests were waiting to enter the event featuring Justice Kavanaugh.  They yelled right in the faces of the waiting guests, “I believe Dr. Ford.”

They also blasted a video of Dr. Ford’s testimony on a big-screen:

Outside of Union Station in DC, where Justice Kavanaugh is giving his first major speech since joining the Supreme Court, a group hired a truck with a screen to play Dr. Ford’s testimony against him.

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Will the left ever let anything go, or will they forever dress in costumes to protest a Supreme Court Justice who did nothing wrong? Why don’t these people do something productive?

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Protesters dressed as handmaids in red cloaks paraded (see below) outside the location of a black-tie dinner where Justice Kavanaugh will speak.

They look like Santa’s elves.

A sign saying “Kavanaugh Lied” was on display outside. Protesters were screaming, “shame, shame” surrounded the guests waiting to enter the event.

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