Today, the long-awaited DOJ IG report was released. The report showed Comey violated department and FBI policies pertaining to the retention, handling, and dissemination of FBI records and information.

In response to the report, that in no way exonerated the arrogant James Comey from wrongdoing, the disgraced former FBI director responded by asking people to admit they “lied” about and “defamed” him.

Conservative personality Robby Starbuck put Comey in his place by sharing some of the most damning portions of the report.

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The OIG determined you violated FBI policy AND your Employment Agreement. The damning report says you “set a dangerous example for over 35,000 current FBI employees, to achieve a personally desired outcome.” It’s the public, FBI and President who deserve an apology from you.

People are sick of reading conclusive reports determining men like you are guilty of wrongdoing and watching you play the victim AND get off without serious consequences. What did you get instead? A book deal, a national media tour and the adoring gaze of left wing media nuts.

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Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett is issuing a stern warning for former FBI Director James Comey after the Justice Department declined to prosecute Comey for multiple violations of FBI rules.

“He’s not out of the woods yet,” said Jarrett on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive”.

“James Comey’s actually very lucky that he did not get an indictment. The neutral party, the Inspector General, evaluated this case for more than a year and decided, in the end, to send a criminal referral to the prosecutors at the Department of Justice. They decided…we’re not going to bring a case against Comey for this,” stressed Jarrett.

Jarrett continued, “The lion’s share of the Inspector General’s investigation deals with lying to the FISA court in order to gain a wiretap warrant to spy on a former associate of President Donald Trump, Carter Page…James Comey is one of the individuals who signed off on a FISA warrant and concealing evidence and deceiving the judges.  That’s — according to my count — six different potential felonies.”

Jarrett claims he could’ve been charged with theft of government documents. “They were not his. He took them without authorization. He kept them and concealed them from the FBI—didn’t tell them when they came to him, ‘Oh, by the way, I’ve got these documents. Maybe waiting in the wings is a FISA case against Comey,” Jarrett warned.

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Former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Randy Zelin, said that Comey is unrepentant, despite the report’s findings that he violated bureau policies by drafting, leaking and retaining sensitive documents. “Technically, you’re not to supposed to take that kind of information home,” said Zelin, “You have to acknowledge that what you did was wrong. Why you’re not doing anything other than taking a hiatus…again, you did something that you weren’t supposed to do.”

Jarrett added, “James Comey is being a little arrogant in his tweet demanding the equivalent of an apology because he’s still in legal jeopardy.”

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