A ninth woman has come forward to accused Al Franken of groping her just as Franken attempts a comeback.

The left suddenly wants Franken to come back because they feel he was railroaded into leaving the Senate. The ironic thing is they are attacking the woman who just came forward. What happened to the left’s #MeToo movement? Does it only apply to Republicans.

In 2006, a Senate aide worked a photo line for Al Franken:

“He puts his hand on my ass. He’s telling the photographer, ‘Take another one. I think I blinked. Take another one.’ And I’m just frozen. It’s so violating. And then he gives me a little squeeze.”

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Franken’s biggest foe when the sexual assault allegations first arose was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

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The left is in a battle between Gillibrand and Franken with different sides defending her effort to force Franken out and Franken’s effort to claim he was railroaded.

Franken should retire but all of these politicans just don’t give up. The money is just too good.

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