Amherst, Ohio, Bus Driver Jackie Miller was filmed losing her cool with the high school students on her bus. Miller, who has asthma, can be seen confronting students after she was told that somebody had sprayed perfume.

She questioned which teen had sprayed perfume, yelling, ‘How much more do you expect me to f*****g take?’
All the students denied spraying anything, but Miller continued saying she could “freaking smell it.”
‘I’m sick of you; I’m done with it,’ she said, pointing her finger at different students. “I’m gonna start f*****g kicking some serious a**. Do you hear me? My foot’s gonna be so far up your a** it’s gonna dangle out your f*****g nose.”
Miller insisted she could smell perfume, saying: ‘I’m allergic to that s**t. But her anger did not result in a confession.
She continued, “I ought to walk off this bus right now and let you people walk the f**k home.”

According to American Wire, Amherst Superintendent Mike Molnar responded to the video by saying:

Dear Amherst Parents,

This evening, I received a video circulating on social media of a bus driver using inappropriate and offensive language toward students. The behavior exhibited by the bus driver is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I have accepted the bus driver’s resignation effective immediately, and the incident will be fully investigated. The actions of the bus driver do not represent the values and standards we uphold as a district and do not reflect our commitment to providing a safe, caring, and compassionate educational environment.

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Moving forward, our Transportation Department will review its procedures to make sure we are handling situations appropriately for the safety of our students. The district will also continue to support our bus drivers with proper training and professional development.

As Superintendent, I will continue to focus my energy and efforts on creating a positive and safe environment for all students and staff. I believe that open communication and constructive feedback from our community help us create a stronger and more supportive environment.

Thank you.

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Miller responded to the incident by saying, “I’m sorry for the way this went down; I truly am. I do apologize for my actions, but I won’t take it back. This is the plight of all bus drivers. We are treated in the worst possible sense of the word,’ she continued, “We are treated with such lack of respect.”

Miller provided relevant prior history regarding the incident saying the student had previously been told not to spray perfume after she had had to stop the bus and use her inhaler while waiting for her lungs to open while the bus was aired out. Miller said she felt like she had been harassed for two years by bullying students.

And although Miller’s language was inappropriate, many American’s responded with sympathy. Social media has viral videos of school bus bullies harassing others. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for Miller, who resigned following the incident and is now without a job. The GoFundMe organizer wrote,

“Bus drivers, teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors and school staffs are the hardest working people and a huge influence on our children, yet they continue to be underpaid and under-appreciated. Kids these days are out of control and no one is allowed to reprimand them in fear of losing their job.”

Apparel Company Mistakes on the Lake owner Jacqui Adkins has printed up t-shirts featuring one of Miller’s quotes and is donating $5 from every shirt sold to the former driver.

“We all kind of just felt for her in that moment,” said Adkins. “We’ve all had bad days, we’ve all gone through hardships and our hearts just went out for her.”

Miller responded to the support with appreciation telling news channel WKYC it has restored her faith in people,

“There’s no words to say how grateful that I am. It restores your faith in humanity. It makes you think that not all people are bad, that there’s really good people in the world.”

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