President Trump DESTROYED the biased reporters in a media gaggle before he left the White House.

It was a fantastic question and answer session that covered many topics but the president’s answers on Mueller’s statement to the media yesterday are great!

The president is speaking over the noise so he has to raise his voice but why did Fox News call his comments an “angry tirade”? It was nothing of the sort. The screenshot below shows what Fox News titled the video: WTH? There was no tirade!

President Trump speaks out on Mueller’s statement saying what Mueller said is “the same as the report”. He mentions some conflicting things with Mueller and said that “he loves Comey”. The president says Mueller shouldn’t have been assigned as special counsel because he’s “conflicted”.

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President Trump is asked by a reporter if Russia got him elected. His answer is fantastic!

He goes on to say that he will consider exposing the swamp corruption as his “greatest achievement”.

President Trump is correct in saying he’s done nothing. Even lefty Politico slammed Mueller for his statement yesterday.

Going forward, AG Barr has an interview with CBS tonight and declassification is happening.

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