On Saturday, news broke that Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain, nicknamed the ‘Prime Minister’ because of his reputation as the real decision-maker at the White House, is expected to resign by February.

The news comes as the Biden administration is doubtlessly looking for someone to blame for the scandal that involves Joe Biden mishandling classified documents, which has engulfed the administration in the weeks since the news broke.

In what could be an easy out for Klain, he may be shifted to a role in Biden’s re-election campaign, something that many White House staffers do as the campaign draws closer.

The Biden administration has not yet found a replacement, but Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh, Senior Adviser Anita Dunn, Steven J. Ricchetti, the counselor to the president, the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the administration’s former coronavirus response coordinator, Jeffrey D. Zients, and Susan Rice have all been floated as possible replacements.

The Post Millenial Reports

Joe Biden’s White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, will reportedly step down from his role in the administration, with the hunt underway to find a replacement.

According to the New York Times, “Mr. Klain has been telling colleagues privately since the November midterm elections that after a grueling, nonstop stretch at Mr. Biden’s side going back to the 2020 campaign, he is ready to move on, according to senior administration officials, and a search for a replacement has been underway.”

Last week, additional classified documents were found at Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home after it was revealed earlier in January that the president kept classified documents from his time as Vice President in his think tank’s office at UPenn.

The UPenn documents were found in November but it was not revealed until January that they were found. A second set of classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware garage next to his Corvette on January 12.

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