Today, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden made his first trip to Florida to gain support from Latino voters.

In a desperate attempt to win their support, he opens his speech up by playing the Latino hit song ‘Despacito’ on his phone.

This is embarrassing and is as bad as Hillary’s hot sauce moment in 2016 when she attempted to pander to the black vote by saying she carries hot sauce in her purse.

Benny sarcastically says that Biden has “won the Latino vote” with this move:

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The song Biden played, called Despacito, was a popular pop song written by Latino artist Luis Fonsi back in 2017.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has been cluelessly racist as a recent video was posted of his past controversial remarks, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.

Biden just can’t help himself and doesn’t even realize he’s saying something racist.

This is a compilation of all of Joe Biden’s public racist remarks for the past fifty years (who knows what he’s said in private if this is his public record), and some commentary by some of his closest black friends.

This would be the end of most politicians, but Joe Biden has been able to lie and spin his way to being the 2020 nominee for president.

Listen to the lies and spin from Biden below during an interview where he completely justifies his 1994 Crime Bill:

Biden has had decades in the Senate and then eight years as VP under Obama to change things…he did nothing.

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