Yesterday, the crooked Broward County Elections Supervisor was once again under fire by Republicans and even some in the media, for suspicion of violating federal and state laws in relation to the November 6, 2018 midterm elections.

Ryan Saavedra posted a thread of unbelievable violations and extremely suspicious activity surrounding provisional ballots and the transfer of provisional ballots in Broward County, Florida that have tainted the

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Senator Rubio tweeted a video that showed vehicle after vehicle delivering boxes full of ballots to a rented truck, late at night. According to the person videotaping, the vehicles only had one person in them, so there was no second or third person to witness if all of the ballots made it safely to the rented truck.

Saavedra tweeted a video recorded by Andrew Pollack at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office where ballots are being counted.

The video shows multiple big box trucks pulling up to the building’s loading dock.

What is being shipped in or out of the facility? Why?

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted this photo, showing a provisional ballot box that was left behind at a polling place after the election. Senator Rubio tweeted: Apparently elections left behind a box labeled “Provisional Ballots” at a local elementary school that served as a polling place.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

And now, in a stunning new development, it’s been revealed that Chelsey Marie Smith, a former temporary election worker has sworn under the penalty of perjury, that she witnessed four election workers filling out stacks of blank ballots in a locked room at the Broward County Elections Supervisor’s office.

From Chelsey Marie Smith’s affidavit:

Amongst the egregious allegations against Snipes and her office is the sworn statement from a woman, Chelsey Marie Smith, who details her experience on October 31, 2016, while working as a temporary employee at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office. Ms. Smith describes in her affidavit (a copy of which is attached as Exhibit 1) entering a locked and secured room at the office and observing four employees filling out stacks of blank ballots. She was able to identify one employee as Mary Hall, who currently serves as the Voter Services Director for the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office. According to Ms. Smith, she was terminated the next day with no explanation.

Former Florida Lt. Governor, Jeff Kottkamp also tweeted about the affidavit that was filed by the former temporary Broward County election worker:

In August 2018, A judge ordered the election supervisor in Florida’s second-most populous county to change the way she handles vote-by-mail absentee ballots after the Republican Party sued her for not following the law.

The declaratory injunction, ordered Friday, prevents Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes from opening the mail-in ballots in secret or before the county’s three-member Canvassing Board meets to determine the ballots’ validity. The board can begin meeting Monday to handle absentee ballots, more than 75,000 of which have been cast in Broward ahead of the Aug. 28 primaries.

The ruling is the second major loss for Snipes’ office in court this year. In May, a judge criticized her office for breaking the law by destroying ballots too soon in the 2016 congressional primary between Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova. Snipes earlier won a federal case concerning voter-roll maintenance. Broward has nearly 1.15 million voters, second only to Miami-Dade’s voter population of nearly 1.4 million.

The absentee ballot case, controversy arose in 2016 when Republican poll watchers complained that Snipes’ staff was opening the ballots in private, thereby making it impossible for citizens or groups to question whether the ballots were properly cast.

After Broward made a brief accommodation, the party sued in January of 2017 to make sure Snipes followed the law.

Under state law, an elector or campaign can challenge the lawfulness of an absentee ballot, but only before the ballot has been opened from its mail-in envelope. By opening the ballot before it got to the three-member Canvassing Board, the Republican Party complained, Snipes’ office was breaking the law and making any challenge impossible.

Though Snipes sits on her county’s Canvassing Board, her attorney appeared to make the novel argument that she didn’t know the meaning of the word “canvass,” an issue the judge brought up repeatedly in his 17-page ruling that also pointed out Snipes couldn’t show why he shouldn’t side with the party.

“Defendant has failed to rebut Plaintiff’s entitlement to relief,” Judge Raag Singhal wrote in his order, “and has even admitted to misunderstanding the meaning of the word ‘canvass.’” –Politico

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