A Democratic intern for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has been arrested by U.S. Capitol Police and accused of releasing the personal information of Senator Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee.  Jackson Cosko, 27, was arrested and charged with a laundry list of things (see below) related to the doxxing of the Senators.  This guy had worked for several different Democrats before working for Jackson Lee. It’s ironic that he’s a “cybersecurity graduate student”. The Republicans need to get him to spill and tell some inside baseball on the Democrats. We’d like to know what was in the envelope Jackson Lee suspiciously handed to Blasey Ford’s lawyer (video below).

JACKSON COSKO…He’s now an unemployed “Democratic Political Professional” and is more like a Cyber INsecurity Graduate…

The complete list of charges are as follows: making public restricted personal information, witness tampering, threats in interstate communication, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary and unlawful entry. Police also said that more charges could be filed.
Cosko has worked as an intern for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for a couple of months. He’s been fired.


Notice her mannerisms and his…She looks almost scared and doesn’t say a word but passes the envelope. Blasey Ford’s lawyer (see more on him below) accepts it like he knows what’s in it. She backs away…This exchange is odd. What do you think about it?


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Attorney Michael Bromwich, one of the high-powered lawyers representing the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is working for her for free, the Washington Examiner reported.

Bromwich joined forces with the two other lawyers representing Christine Blasey Ford. –The Hill

Bloomberg reports The move to join Ford’s team prompted Bromwich’s resignation from the Washington law firm Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP, where he was a senior counsel. He quit because some of the partners objected to his decision, according to a note he sent out. His name no longer appears on the firm’s roster of attorneys.

Bromwich also represents former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired in March by Attorney General Jeff Sessions over allegations he’d violated the FBI and Justice Department’s policy related to disclosures to the media.

The personal information of the three Senators was posted on their Wikipedia pages. In light of the political climate these days, that was a dangerous move. Just last month, protesters went to the home of the Homeland Security director and protested in front with her daughters looking on.

Fox News reports details on how this was first detected:

The intentional publication of the information was first caught by a Twitter bot that automatically tracks any changes made to Wikipedia entries from anyone located in the U.S. Congress and publicizes them on the social media site. The bot account later deleted the tweets because the edits contained personal information. According to the bot, whoever posted the information did so from a computer in the House of Representatives.

The home addresses of the senators appeared to be correct, though the phone numbers didn’t appear to be entirely accurate. A “home” phone number listed for Graham appeared to direct callers to the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL), a Washington D.C.-based advocacy group.

Sources tell Fox News that authorities are looking into the possibility that at least two other senators were doxxed.

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