According to a new report China is planning to put troops on a base in Cuba, just one hundred miles off the U.S. coast. The report, comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up talks with Chinese officials Monday.

However, it is not surprising that the same administration that allowed the Chinese to fly a spy balloon across the country continues to be steamrolled by the Chinese government. According to the Western Journal, Cuba and China are discussing the establishment of a military training facility that would house Chinese nationalists and allow the CCP to implement a part of its “Project 141,” which plans to expand Chinese military and logistical facilities globally.

Trump’s assistant, Peter Navarro, commented on the situation, saying, “We should simply tell communist China to get the hades out of Cuba and don’t expect anything in return. Stop talking with communist China; start defending America.”

As Laura Ingraham points out, we should be moving away from Chinese communist policies; instead, we seem to be moving towards them.
She tweeted, “We need immediate U.S. moves to de-couple from China, and instead, we are seeing steady moves toward surrender. Beijing plans a new training facility in Cuba, raising the prospect of Chinese troops on America’s doorstep.”


The move towards allowing China another foothold into spying on the U.S. seems anti-American. However, the House of Representatives is currently investigating Joe Biden on charges of influence peddling to determine if he’s complicit in selling American policy in exchange for money.

Texas congressman Ronny Jackson blasted the Biden administration on Twitter. “Chinese troops will very soon be stationed right off our shores in Cuba. Biden wouldn’t get tough on China because he and his corrupt family are OWNED by China. America is being HUMILIATED, and Biden is LETTING IT HAPPEN!! 

The Chinese facility in Cuba would run four joint eavesdropping stations, according to the Western Journal. Blinken’s meeting with Chinese officials Sunday and Monday involved conversations about the intelligence base in Cuba but never provided information on what the Biden administration is doing to protect Americans. The news release said,
“The two sides discussed a range of global and regional security issues, including Russia’sRussia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the DPRK’sDPRK’s (Democratic People’sPeople’s Republic of Korea) provocative actions, and U.S. concerns with PRC intelligence activities in Cuba.” The release continued, “The Secretary made clear that the United States will work with its allies and partners to advance our vision for a world that is free, open, and upholds the rules-based international order.”

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