It’s just so much fun to watch President Trump give these chopper pressers. He is so on top of every topic all the time. Check out the answer he gave to a “stupid” question from a reporter:

“What a stupid question that is.”

President Trump has had it with the press and their ridiculous questions. Can you blame him? The media has NEVER reported honestly on the president and his administration.

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He spoke about Michelle Obama’s new book claiming she’ll never forgive the president for raising questions about obama’s birth certificate:

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In case you missed it, he jumped all over a reporter at his press conference when he got another ridiculous question:

During his press conference this morning, President Trump called on Yamiche Alcindor, who works for the federally funded PBS. Alcindor used her time to ask President Trump a question to attempt to pin a racist label on President Trump and his supporters.

Yamiche Alcindor started out by identifying herself as a “reporter” with PBS News Hour. Instead of a question, Alcindor used her time to instead, level a regurgitated, tired and unproven allegation of racism against President Trump and his supporters.

Here’s how the exchange went down.

Alcindor: On the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldening white nationalists. Now people are also saying…”

Trump interrupted: I don’t know why you’d say that. That’s such a racist question.

Alcindor continued: There’s some people say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric. What do you make of that?

Trump: Oh, I don’t believe that. I don’t know. Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans? Why do I have among the highest poll numbers with African Americans? I mean—why do I have my highest poll numbers? That’s such a racist question! Honestly, I mean, I know you have it written down and you’re gonna tell me…

Trump continued: You know what the word is? I love our country. You have nationalists and you have globalists. I also love the world and I don’t mind helping the world, but we need to straighten out our country first, we have a lot of problems.

Alcindor, who didn’t like that President Trump disproved her narrative, attempted to interrupt again.

A cleary frustrated Trump responded: Excuse me, but to say that is very insulting to me. It’s a very terrible thing that you said.

Alcindor, who clearly had an agenda, attempted to get more time to get her activist talking points across.


Alcindor took to Twitter to proudly post a clip of her activism. In her post, she attempted to pretend that she was “simply asking the question the public wants to know”.

Sorry, Yamiche, but the “public” and the “Left” are not the same things.


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