“The Squad” of angry women who hate Trump more than they love America, met with Oprah bestie Gayle King to discuss their own controversial statements in light of their desire to censure President Trump for calling out their anti-American behavior on Twitter.

The CBS This Morning host got more than she bargained for when she asked America’s first two female Muslim lawmakers to explain how they can condemn President Trump for recent comments he made about the four radical lawmakers, but ignore highly controversial statements they’ve made in their short time in Congress?

King started out by asking Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) if she thought her “langauge was helpful” and if she had any regrets about the language she used on the evening of her swearing-in ceremony in January, when she was caught on video telling a crowd of her supporters that she promised her little son that when she got into office that she would “Impeach the motherf**ker!”

The always defiant and usually angry Palestinian cheerleader told King, “From day one, I truly believe he has committed impeachable offenses.” King interrupted her saying, “But even if you believe that, the fact that you called him…” Tlaib interrupted King, saying, “But I didn’t do it on the House floor. And I’m gonna be unapologetic in myself. Seventy percent of Americans curse. (We’re not sure where she gets that figure?) Tlaib contninued, “I’m being real. This is who I am. I’m rooted in where I come from. And it’s very common for me and for many of my residents to say things like that.” (As a MI resident who lives just outside of Tlaib’s district, I’m offended by her flippant remarks that throw everyone living in her district under the bus.)

King clarified, “So you don’t regret that”?

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“So you don’t regret it?”King pressed. “Absolutely not. I’m unapologetic about that.”

When Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was asked if she regrets her anti-Semitic remarks, Omar responded, “Absolutely not.”


Clean up on aisle four! STAT!

Put a fork in these women. They may as well have been digging their own political graves while explaining to Gayle King why Americans have no right to hold them accountable for anything they say. It doens’t matter to them that they’re offending most Americans, because in their minds, they get a pass, because they’re radical Democrats and they don’t have to live by the same rules as everyone else.

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