CNN’s Anderson Cooper tweeted out a correction to the mistake in calling Virginia’s governor a Republican but the harm has been done. The video immediately below has the correction and the tweet with a lame non-apology from Cooper.  The original “fake news” video is below the corrected one.

“A previous tweet had a video misidentifying Gov. Northam’s party affiliation, it has been removed and the video has been corrected.”

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This is CNN fake news at work! We’ve warned about the subtitles on CNN and how they sneak in propaganda and fake news via the bottom of your TV screen.

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They just did it again during a segment about the Virginia governor who’s in hot water. Social media called them out in a big way immediately after the Anderson Cooper clip was played.

Check out the video below and you’ll see at the bottom of your screen an R next to the governor’s name instead of a D.


Anderson Cooper introduces the photo of the governor and then a clip of the statement by Northam is shown. Look at the bottom left side of the screen and you’ll see the R next to Northam’s name.

The subtitles are something to watch because they often say very biased things while the host is talking.

Thanks for for pointing this out. Remember the report about President Trump focusing on the chyrons at the bottom of the screen. Well this is a perfect example of media manipulation and he was talking about! This man is a DEMOCRAT own it

We’ve reported about this before but this example is one of the worst we’ve seen!

We’re talking about the subtitle or chyron that appears below or above the screen when you’re watching the news. It’s used in devious ways by left-leaning media to promote propaganda to the viewers.

Larry O’Connor got a screenshot of the screen during the funeral for former President Georg H.W. Bush. Notice anything?

Do you see it? “TRUMP’S TOUGH WEEK”



Both of those subtitles are lies!

President Trump has not had a tough week. What was tough about it?

The second part of the subtitle is a flat out lie. We watched the funeral and video clips after it. The president did not “awkwardly greet” the others. The only thing that was awkward was the cold shoulder Hillary Clinton gave President Trump. It made her look so petty and bitter.

See for yourself that President Trump and Melania were perfect but we can’t say the same thing about the others in the front row.

“Ice Queen” should be the new nickname for Hillary Clinton.

When President Trump arrived at the pew to be seated for the funeral of former President H.W. Bush, watch Hillary Clinton just stare stone-cold facing the front.

You can see everyone else shakes hands or waves but Hillary isn’t having any of it.

The sour grapes continue…


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