The CNN talking heads were at it again today when Obama’s former Deputy Secretary of State decided to rant about what he perceives as an overreaction to ambushing Republicans. Philippe Reines was discussing Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s recent run-in with screaming leftists in a restaurant (see below). He claims Mitch McConnell got away with murder with the Merick Garland nomination so he deduces that it’s just “fine” to harass McConnell in a local restaurant. Liberal Logic!


Reines decides to compare unhinged liberals ambushing Republicans to the “Proud Boys” he claims are “white nationalists”. This is untrue. The Proud Boys group “accepts all races, religions, and sexual preferences”.  There’s no reason this group should have even been mentioned except to distract from the topic at hand.

Here is Obama’s former deputy secretary of state, Philippe Reines, excusing, and perhaps even promoting, attacking Mitch McConnell while he eats with his wife in a restaurant. McConnell “got away with murder” on Merrick Garland, so “this is fine.” 

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Senator Mitch McConnell handled himself so well in the face of people yelling at him during his visit to a restaurant with his wife on Friday night. TMZ reports that the Kentucky Senator was eating dinner with his wife at Havana Rumba in Louisville when 4 men confronted him. The main aggressor screams at McConnell, “Why don’t you get out of here?  Why don’t you leave the entire country?”

This is just more of the mob mentality happening with leftists. Diners were yelling at McConnell but one nutjob got up close and personal yelling at McConnell to leave the country. It was ugly and just shows how unhinged the left is. The woman filming yells “Ditch Mitch!” and claims she’s selling the video to TMZ. A man comments that the unhinged man threw the Senator’s leftovers outside and was pounding his fists on the table.

TMZ reports:

The woman says the main gripe seemed to be the Senator’s stance on Social Security and health care. McConnell recently said entitlement programs are the main cause of massive debt. The woman says before she started shooting, the main aggressor was screaming that McConnell was killing people with his views.

McConnell has had his share of encounters with the crazed leftists and has handled each one so well.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell was ambushed by crazed female protesters who wouldn’t let up…Notice how one of the women gets in the face of McConnell’s bodyguard and then says “excuse me, are you assaulting me?” What a joke! These women give all other women a bad name. They are out of their minds with anger and resentment that only makes the “feminist” movement look like a bunch of angry hags. Enough! RED WAVE!

McConnell was leaving an event when he was ambushed:

The beat goes on…Mitch McConnell was harassed walking out of Bristol Bar and Grille in Louisville, Kentucky. A group of protesters yelled at him as he walked to his car. He ignored the attention but it’s concerning that one person chanting said, “We know where you live”. That’s frightening! Remember how they converged on HHS Nielsen’s home?  This is the Democrat Party and their leftist tactics of stalking and harassing Republicans. You can thank Maxine Waters for this disgusting behavior…



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