Tucker Carlson called out Jeff Zucker tonight on his comment at a Financial Times event that Fox News is a “propaganda machine”. Laughable!

Carlson turned the tables on the CNN chief by calling out Zucker’s relationship with state TV in brutal dictatorships around the world. Zucker runs CNN Phillipines alongside their leader who is a brutal ruler. He also just signed an agreement with Turkey to partner with their state-run TURK CNN TV.

Daily Caller reports:

Carlson reminded Zucker that branches of CNN International are literally propaganda networks bought and paid for by authoritarian governments.

For example, CNN Turk was recently purchased by an unnamed conglomerate with deep ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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“Now we know, on some level, all criticism is self-criticism — you accuse others of being secretly what you know you are,” Carlson said. “As it happens, just today, just as Jeff Zucker was speaking, a controlling interest in CNN Turk…was sold to an arm of the regime there.”

“Jeff Zucker’s network is now in effect in business with the authoritarian, Islamist, and highly anti-American Erdogan regime,” he continued. “In Turkey, where it actually matters, CNN is literally state-run TV.”

Carlson explained that more than 8,000 pro-democracy protesters were injured while protesting the Erdogan government in 2013, yet CNN Turk opted not to cover the news.

“Jeff Zucker runs a sleazy little sideline selling airtime to repressive governments in a lot of places around the world,” he asserted, noting that CNN also has a network in the Philippines that is partly controlled by Rodrigo Duterte, who kills his own citizens with death squads.

As it turns out, Zucker is THE KING of propaganda all around the world!


CNN chief Jeff Zucker is projecting a bit when he makes a claim in the video below that Fox news is a “propaganda machine”. He’s calling Fox what his news organization REALLY is…CNN IS THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE!

ZUCKER sharply attacked the network’s rivals at Fox News Channel on Thursday, saying that it has become a propaganda machine that is “doing an incredible disservice to the country.”


WaPo is reporting:

Zucker spoke at the Financial Times Future of News conference two days after a former Fox military analyst quit, claiming he was ashamed at the way the network’s opinion hosts were backing President Donald Trump. Zucker said that analyst, Ralph Peters, voiced what a lot of people have been thinking about Fox in the post-Roger Ailes era.

“What has happened to that network in the last 18 months, especially the last year, is that it has just turned itself into state-run TV,” Zucker said. “TASS has nothing on them,” he said in reference to the Russian news agency.

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