CNN’s Jim Acosta just had his “hard pass” taken by the White House so he is not welcome there. he tweeted out a sideways video of being rejected at the White House entrance:

After the stunt he pulled today, it’s no wonder they pulled his pass. If you haven’t heard, just check out the video below. Acosta got into a push-pull with a White House employee of a mic. It was embarrassing but Acosta loved the attention…

President Trump held a press conference today with the media asking just about everything under the sun. Our president was a champ and handled the press so well.

President Trump responded to CNN’s Jim Acosta with a total rebuke of CNN’s fake news. Trump answered question about the caravan and didn’t want any more from him. “That’s enough, Put down the mike,” Trump told Acosta. “You are a rude, terrible person,” the pres said, adding, “the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible.”

Acosta refused to give up the mic. He’s working for his day in the news by acting like a jerk. A longer version below:

Sanders just responded with a slow-motion video showing Acosta assaulting the young, female intern:

Acosta should have his WHPC credentials pulled. His grandstanding is disrespectful to other journalists in the room. He takes way too much time when he’s asking questions and tries to create drama so he can get his mug on the nightly news. The ungentlemanly way he wouldn’t let the woman take the mic was unbelievably rude. Would he have done that to a male trying to take the mic from him? We’re sure the feminists will ignore this moment.


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