What a whiner! CNN’s Jim Acosta ranted against President Trump’s “attacks” on the media today after he made a spectacle of himself by walking out of the White House briefing early. It’s so funny that he thinks he matters…He doesn’t. His faux outrage was on display today at the WH briefing when he got an honest smackdown from Sarah Sanders. He ran over to get his face on TV immediately after to continue his whining. It’s embarrassing that a grown man would behave this way. Is he auditioning for a reality show?

The American press lives in a bubble and is unable to see how their bias turns everyone off. Just look at the CNN ratings! They’re in the tank coming in lower than Sponge Bob Squarepants! The constant editorializing and bashing of Trump has become a snoozer. It’s not effective anymore but they just don’t see it….Case in point:

Acosta  suggested that reporters chant on Pennsylvania Avenue “we’re not the enemy of the people” in protest against President Trump…Haha! The funny part of this comes at the end when Brooke Baldwin says, “Amen” to Acosta’s rant. Ridiculous!

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WFB reports:

Acosta walked out of the briefing in protest, although he returned to tell CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin afterward it was a sad moment.

“Sadly, Brooke, I think what you saw happen here at the end of that briefing was the true feelings of the president, the true feelings of many of the people that work in this administration laid bare,” Acosta said. “They believe … that the journalists who cover this White House, the journalists who work in this city, who were just trying a few moments ago to hold some of these officials accountable about attacks on our democracy, that the people here who work at this White House all the way up to the president evidently believe that journalists are the enemy of the people. Literally, the enemy of the people.”

Except for Ivanka Trump, Baldwin noted.

Acosta said he gave Sanders “several opportunities to set the record straight,” and she refused. Sanders noted she receives Secret Service protection because of threats she has received, and while he sympathized, Acosta said she and Trump continued to regularly tell lies and needed to be fact-checked.

“I’ll say that the press is not the enemy of the people,” Acosta said. “And, you know, I think maybe we should make some bumper stickers, make some buttons, you know, maybe we should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks who chant ‘CNN Sucks and ‘Fake News,’ maybe we should go out, all journalists, should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant, ‘We’re not the enemy of the people.'”

“Because I’m tired of this,” he went on. “Honestly, Brooke, I’m tired of this. It is not right. It is not fair. It is not just. It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people, and Ivanka Trump knows that. I don’t know why her father doesn’t, and I don’t know why this press secretary doesn’t. I mean, she got yelled at at a restaurant in Virginia. I’m sorry about that. I feel badly for her that happened. That comedian at the correspondent’s dinner said some unpleasant things about her. I’m sorry about that. She ought to hear some of the things that were said to me the other night in Tampa … It would be nice if we all lowered the temperature a little bit but at the very least, I think we should all be able to agree on one thing, and that is the press is not the enemy of the people. Fellow Americans are not the enemy of fellow Americans, and, you know, forgive me for going on a rant, but I think that they’ve lost sight of that here at this White House.”

Baldwin said “Amen” to Acosta’s speech and appreciated “this is personal for you.”

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