Marc Lamont Hill has been a panelist on CNN for a while but he’s now been dropped like a rock after his atrocious comments against Israel at the United Nations.

Hill delivered an impassioned speech at the UN defending the right of Palestine to exist and then slammed Israel (video below).

He set off a firestorm after video of his comments hit social media.

He tried to redeem himself with a tweet saying he meant no harm:

One big reason people don’t believe Hill’s remorse is his connection to Farrakhan:

MARC LAMONT HILL AT THE UN: PRO-PALESTINE PEOPLE THINK THIS ANTI-SEMITIC GUY IS GREAT…Maybe it’s the Hamas lingo he uses to call for the destruction of Israel…

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill echoed Jihadist calls for Israel’s violent annihilation, calling for “resistance” to achieve “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Lamont Hill is still teaching at Temple University.


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