Today, after a failed negotiation with President Trump, multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of not understanding the financial concerns of everyday Americans, who she claims are suffering because of the partial government shutdown. The truth of the matter is, Democrats knew President Trump was elected because he promised Americans he would build a border wall on our southern border, and they are using the government shutdown as a way to force him to break his promise to Americans. The hope of the Democrat leadership is that by forcing President Trump to cave on the border wall,  it will assure them of defeating him in 2020.

President Trump tweeted about his scheduled meeting with the obstinate Nancy Pelosi, who has a lot to prove to the Trump-loathing, Democrat members of Congress, many of whom did not want Pelosi to be their next Speaker of the House.

In his tweet, President Trump called his meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “a total waste of time.” When President Trump attempted to get Pelosi to commit to funding the wall if he opens up the governments, she replied, “NO.” Trump claimed at that point, he said “bye-bye,” claiming “nothing else works!”

Watch the multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi, whose California house is surrounded by a wall, and the snarky Senatore Chuck Schumer from New York, spin their discussion with Trump, as they attempt to relate to the little people their hurting most by plotting a strategy for the next presidential election.

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In 2013, during the Obama administration, Congress couldn’t come to an agreement on the budget over objections by Republicans to the funding of Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party refused to back down. Pelosi blamed the Tea Party for the government shutdown. Democrats promised to negotiate Obamacare after the budget deal was signed and the government was reopened.

President Trump is not about to fall for the same trick.

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