A DEFIANT ROGER STONE walked out of a Fort Lauderdale, Florida courthouse today after paying a small bond of $250K. The small sum tells you that the judge thought this was an overreaction by the feds.

Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home was swarmed by FBI agents in full gear early this morning (see video below). It was the definition of overkill by the FBI.

The interesting thing is that CNN was Johnny-on-the-spot with “exclusive” coverage (see video below) of the arrest. Hmmm

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Roger Stone: “I have made it clear that I will not testify against the president.”

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Reporter: “Roger, did anyone tell you to contact, in the Trump campaign, to contact WikiLeaks?”

Roger Stone: “No, I’ve addressed that before. That is incorrect.”

Reporter: “Did you in any way work with the Russians to help President Trump?”

Stone: “Categorically not — no. Absolutely not”

Reporter: “If you were convicted do you think the president would pardon you?”

Roger Stone: “The only person I’ve advocated a pardon for is Marcus Garvey”


Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone was arrested at his home in Florida on seven counts including lying about his communications with Credico and Jerome Corsi over supposed second-hand communications and efforts to communicate with Julian Assange of Wikileaks. This is more of the Mueller witch hunt and has nothing to do with collusion but just Stone’s effort at opposition research which is not illegal.

A breakdown of all seven indictments:

-Stone is charged with one count of obstructing House Intel Committee investigation

-Five counts of lying to the committee

-One count of trying to get another witness (Randy Credico) to lie to the committee

Mueller’s team is at it again with a Friday arrest of someone who is connected to our president. The Mueller team has reached a new low with this ridiculous stunt.

Of course, CNN has an exclusive report complete with video of Stone’s arrest:

This is horrible. The FBI arrives and says “FBI, Open the door.” The FBI agents are acting like Stone is some mass murderer they’ve been hunting down. The should be embarrassed at how they’ve treated Roger Stone. This is similar to how Paul Manafort was treated. Shameful!

The FBI arrives in flak jackets with weapons drawn…total PR move.

Pete Williams explains the back story of why Stone was arrested:

If you’ve been following the Mueller investigation, you’ve got to be shaking your head. This is a total PR stunt on a Friday morning complete with FBI agents wearing flak jackets and brandishing their weapons. What a sham!

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