What mom do you know that would pull a used comb from her purse and eat a salad with it? It’s hard to believe anyone would attempt such a thing but Senator Amy Klobuchar did just that.

As soon as Klobuchar announced she is running for president,  a story came out about her eating a salad with a used comb from her purse. Along with the comb story came stories of Klobuchar being very hard on her staff.

She just doubled down on both stories to confirm she’s tough on her staff and she ate a salad with a used comb….Ugh!

Maybe she’s trying to be funny and humanizing but this is just gross. It’s more Rosana Rosanadana from SNL than anything else.

Presidential hopeful responds to the “comb” story about her. She said she has high expectations for herself, but did a “mom thing” because she didn’t have a fork to eat a salad

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Here she is confirming that “her staff gets things done” aka she’s hard on them:

“I know I can be tough on people, sometimes too tough.”

Trust us on this…Moms do not eat salads with used combs. A good boss doesn’t need to be a tyrant.

All that’s needed to totally gross us all out is her comment at the Gridiron Dinner about the salad story: “It needed just a bit of scalp oil and a pinch of dandruff.”

Something tells us Klobuchar will be out of the running sooner than later.

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