Owen Shroyer of Infowars has had a very busy week. Today, he was removed from the bogus impeachment hearings for calling out House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) treasonous, and telling him Americans are sick of the impeachment sham.

Yesterday, while he was in Washington D.C., Shroyer confronted U.S. Rep Al Green (D-TX) in the airport. Green is the Democrat congressman who famously said about President Trump, “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

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Shroyer greeted Congressman Green at the gate as he left the plane, saying, “I saw what you said on Friday.” Rep. Green replied, “I don’t know what I said on Friday, I said a lot.” “You called the President a ‘racist’ again, and you were projecting your race-baiting onto him again,” Shroyer told him. “Well, you know, you have your opinion, I have mine,” Green replied. Shroyer told the race-obsessed Congressman, “But, that’s a serious allegation, Al,” adding, “Al, he’s not a racist.” Al ducked into the bathroom. Shroyer waited outside for him to continue the conversation.

When pressed by Shroyer about why he calls Trump a ‘racist?’ Congressman Green told Shroyer that President Trump is a “racist” because there are children down at the southern wall.

“Do you realize that the U.N. just put out a report that there were more children in government custody being detained under Obama than anyone else.” Instead of having a conversation with Shroyer, the United States Congressman, who behaved more like a middle school bully, repeatedly asked Shroyer, “Why are you a racist? Why are you a racist?” Rep. Green made vile accusations about a man he just met, calling him a “racist” and saying, “You’re such a bigot!”

The race-obsessed congressman brought Shroyer into the baggage claim area where the United States Congressman told the entire room of passengers waiting for their luggage that Shroyer is a ‘racist.” Why is he not being held accountable for his actions?

Shroyer, to his credit, confronted the crowd standing around the luggage carousel who booed him for supporting Trump by reminding them of how Trump’s economy is helping each and every one of them, while the mindless crowd continued to boo him for supporting our President.

Welcome to CNN’s and liberal academia’s brainwashed America…

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